Bucks’ Jon Brockman in a massive purple adult onesie


Remember when we were debating between Nick Young’s shirt and Rajon Rondo’s jacket?

Jon Brockman wins.

How to explain that photo to the right … let’s say you were sitting around your living room thinking, “How could I take the Snuggie and make it more into a jumpsuit? And maybe put my college colors and logo on it?”

Brockman has you covered. Actually, the people at the University of Washington Swagga Suits have you covered (thanks to the Dan Devine at Ball Don’t Lie for finding this). If your university doesn’t have these yet … well, that’s for the best.

The Swagga Suit is sort of a Snuggie made into an adult onesie with legs. I guess. I’m not sure how to describe it, but I am a little disturbed by seeing a 6-foot-7 guy in a purple one … like Barney gone bad. Actually, Barney gone worse. Barney gone Natural Born Killers. You get the idea.

Think these photos might come up on Brockman’s next plane ride with his teammates?

Apparently, you can still dunk in them. It’s just not exactly Jordanesque however, is it?