League will not upgrade foul, punish Dwyane Wade for cheap shot on Collison

The league is going to stick with the Flagrant 1 call on that hit. Dwyane Wade got away with one.

There will be no fine, no increase to a Flagrant 2 call that would mean a one-game suspension, the league is going to leave the call as it was, tweets Brian Windhorst of ESPN.com. The league does do video review of all flagrant foul calls but somehow they were cool with this outcome.

The definition of a Flagrant 2 is “unnecessary and excessive.” How else would you define what Wade did? Is it that different than the shot Jason Smith of the Hornets put on Blake Griffin? A hit for which Smith was suspended two games?

The league office says yes. The Heat will have Wade for Game 3 in Indiana, where he will certainly get a “warm” reception. If Wade goes 8-22 shooting in Indy like he did in Miami he is going to have to witness a lot more celebrating.