Soccer star Wynalda says NBA has as many floppers as soccer


You know you’re in trouble when a soccer player is saying you flop too much. David Stern, you listening?

Three-time USA World Cup team member and one of the great scorers in American soccer history, Eric Wynalda (current analyst for the Fox Soccer Channel) was on the Dan Patrick Show and was talking flopping. That and the amazing Man City comeback on Sunday. Watch the whole thing above, Wynalda has a great story about his father, plus he blames Vlade Divac for brining flopping to the NBA.

But here is the money quote. Courtesy

“It’s just as bad if not worse in Basketball, it just is,” Wynalda said. “It’s kind of like they just kind of yell out, when they get hit they’ll just yell out something. In soccer everybody just kind of yells out and points.”