Report: J.R. Smith thinking of picking up option with Knicks


The lesson here: Never listen to what players tweet late at night.

The Knicks’ J.R. Smith — after an unimpressive playoffs and dreadful Game 5 — fired back at his numerous critics on twitter and said he might not come back to the Knicks. Smith has a $2.5 million player option for next season.

But the New York Post’s Marc Berman is hearing just the opposite of what Smith tweeted.

In fact, the Post has learned Smith is leaning toward opting into the final year of his contract with the new CBA’s structure for middle class players. Smith stands to make $2.5 million next season, but his lousy playoff in which he shot 31 percent could lead him to return.

Players are emotional and wound up after the end of a season and it usually takes them a couple weeks to bring it down. Smith’s season just ended and he is vacillating between frustration with his play in the post season and how much me likes New York.

But in the end, think he will test the market because he can do better than one year at $2.5 million, even with the new CBA and his playoff performance. But we’ll see. If he stays that is a boost for the Knicks because Smith makes a great sixth man, especially at that price.