You can own Kobe Bryant’s mask. Why is another question.


After Dwyane Wade broke his nose in the All-Star Game, Kobe Bryant wore a mask for a couple weeks. He hated it. He had some good games with it on, but hated it. Said it felt like playing in a sauna. Tried a few different looks and styles, but was happy to ditch the thing as fast as he could.

Now a piece of molded plastic that has a lot of Kobe Bryant’s sweat on it can be yours — and you’ll help a charity at the same time.

Kobe’s mask is up for auction on eBay, reports the USA Today.

Now that mask is being auctioned on eBay with all the proceeds benefiting the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation Youth Homelessness Initiative.

As of Wednesday morning there had been 38 bids with $2,550 now the number to top. (Thanks to Yardbarker for the auction assist.)

The auction goes on for another six days.

So here is your chance to own a sweaty piece of plastic that touched Kobe Bryant’s face. You should display it on your mantle, next to those photos of your children.

But at least if you get it your money will go to do some good.