Tony Allen will play for Memphis in Game 2 Wednesday


There were questions about whether Grizzlies guard and defensive stopper Tony Allen would be available for Game 2 against the Clippers after he missed practice Tuesday and went to a doctor to have his knee looked at.

But he is good to go, according to the Commercial Appeal. He told Grizzlies play-by-play broadcaster Pete Pranica there are “no limitations.”

The Grizzlies need him, and they need to get out there and shake off their collapse and loss to the Clippers in Game 1. This game will almost certainly be closer, and the Grizzlies cannot go out to Los Angeles down 0-2.

Allen will be a big part of that, expect him to get more time on Chris Paul defensively late, and they are going to need a key shot or two down the stretch on kickouts. Allen could be that guy.