Shaquille O’Neal to get doctorate in education this weekend


It’s fun to clown on Shaquille O’Neal, whether it be for his nomadic career or “Kazaam” or his performance this season on Inside the NBA on TNT. It’s a target rich environment.

But Shaq deserves some praise for this — he has continued his education through his playing days up to now and this Saturday will receive his doctorate in education from Miami Shores university. The Sun Sentinel has the details (via Inside Hoops).

For 4 1/2 years, the former Miami Heat center took 16 courses, completed 54 credit hours and carried a grade point average of 3.813, according to the university. The 40-year-old’s exact degree is in Organizational Learning and Leadership, with a specialization in human resource development.

“He was a good student,” said Dr. David M. Kopp, chairman of the university’s Organizational Learning and Leadership program. “He is very intellectually curious. He is like a sponge, he takes everything in.”

Shaq being Shaq, he had things come to him a little. Literally. He had professors fly out for some one-on-one classes as well as doing a lot of video conferencing.

But the fact is he got the degree. He may never use it, but he is far from the first person to get a degree then do something else. Good for him, getting it done. It is something to be very proud of.