LeBron’s custom mouthpiece nod to title aspirations


Maybe you noticed it Monday night, LeBron’s custom mouthpiece. There is a screen grab to the right (courtesy SLAM) of his message.


For those of you who only think of Roman numerals when trying to figure out what number Super Bowl we are up to, that is 16. The number of playoff wins needed to win the NBA championship.

LeBron explained it to Fox Sports Florida.

“You pay attention,” James said to a reporter. “It’s just inspirational. I know this is the biggest part of the season, the second part of the season, so it’s just an inspiration for me.”

I’m surprised Mark Cuban has not suggested selling advertising on players’ mouthpieces…

The Heat are down to 14 wins remaining as they took the first two games from the Knicks in the first round. But there is a long, long road still to go for LeBron and his teammates to live up to that number.