Jay-Z designed new Brooklyn Nets logo (the gear is for sale)


You can get your Brooklyn Nets basketball gear now.

The new logo was officially unveiled Monday — a black-and-white shield featuring a prominent “B” was designed by Net minority owner Jay-Z. The idea is an update of both the old Nets logo and the “B” as an update to the letter that was on the caps of the Brooklyn Dodgers back in the day. Brooklynites really have not let that go yet.

Brooklyn Nets shirts, hats and everything but jerseys went on sale Monday, although Jay Z was wearing them at a concert he performed last week. Apparently as team owner and logo designer he has some sort of privileged access.

I like the look. It’s a stark change from the red, white and blue of the Nets, but it feels a lot more Brooklyn — and not just New York. Which is the goal Jay-Z talks about.