Video: Robin Lopez’ flagrant foul on Blake Griffin


This foul rightfully got Robin Lopez ejected — any play on the ball was made after he made sure Blake Griffin was taken out of the play. It was excessive, he had to go for it and the flagrant II call was correct.

But… it worked. Clipper blogger Steve Perin noted it at SBN — the Clippers were up three when this happened. Griffin got two foul shots but he is a terrible free throw shooter and hit one of them. Mo Williams of the Clippers got a technical for his reaction on the play, the Suns Sebastian Telfair hit that free throw. It’s a wash. Lopez was ejected but that just brings the superior Marcin Gortat back into the game for Phoenix. The Suns played with more fire after the foul and got a win they needed. I’m not condoning the play in the least, but the fact is it worked out for the Suns.