NBA takes European vacation with preseason games in fall

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Now that the lockout is over, David Stern can get back to his mission of trying to make the NBA an international brand.

The league confirmed to the Associated Press that this fall there will be preseason games in Berlin, Istanbul, Barcelona, Spain, and Milan on the European continent. There also will be games in Shanghai and Beijing in China.

These will all be preseason, no regular season games are scheduled.

The teams and dates have not been announced. However, it is believed that Orlando may be visiting Istanbul as they feature Turkish star Hedo Turkoglu. It already has been reported that the Celtics will play overseas in the preseason, and it is reported Dallas will join them. You can bet Mark Cuban is thrilled. Often these tours involve one game against a team from that continent and one against another NBA team sent over there.

The details will come when the NBA’s schedule comes out this summer.