Allen will come off the bench for Boston, but he doesn’t like it


Ray Allen has played in 1,147 NBA games and started in all but six of those.

But he came off the bench Sunday for the Celtics and may be doing so for the rest of the season — Allen even volunteered to do so after starting one game following his return from injury. Doc Rivers likes how Avery Bradley blends with the starters and the punch Allen gives the Celtics off the bench.

Allen, ever the professional, says will come off the bench as long as Rivers wants. But don’t expect him to like it, as reported by Jessica Camerato of

“I don’t think it can happen for me to ultimately be comfortable with these 11 or so games we have left because none of us are getting into routines as far as settling in and what are roles are, getting practice time, understanding rotations and chemistry,“ Allen said prior to the Celtics 103-79 win over the Philadelphia 76ers in which he scored 10 points in 28 minutes off the bench. “You just adapt the best way you can.”

Rivers will stick with this until it doesn’t work, then he will flip Bradley and Allen back around. It’s about what works.

But Allen is a free agent this summer who will draw a lot of interest from teams — teams that want to make him a starter. Allen is a proud man, his role on the team could play a factor in his decision. Just something to watch going forward.

As for now, Ray Allen is the supersub Doc Rivers has been hoping to find for a couple seasons now.