Doc Rivers was none to pleased with Celtics effort Thursday


A lot of teams have done it this season — seen the Bulls did not have Derrick Rose suited up and relaxed. Played it cool. Only to find out the Bulls are pretty good without him.

Boston did that Thursday — they came out without their usual fire and it caught up with them in the third quarter when the Bulls took the lead and never looked back.

That ticked off Doc Rivers. Here is his post-game press conference.

“I had to use two timeouts in the first half to remind us that we had an NBA game tonight.”

“I thought that was the worst loss for us this year, with the way we approached the game.”

“Chicago was just too tough for us.”

With the playoffs now just a few weeks away coaches are starting to send messages, either through playing time or ripping your team in the media. Rivers went the second route.

Somehow, you know these veteran Celtics will be a little more focused when the playoffs do arrive.