“Thunder your Butts off” video gets Thunder employee fired


Considering how well the Oklahoma City Thunder are playing right now, it’s okay to get excited about them. It’s not okay, apparently, to make a YouTube parody rap video telling people to “Thunder their butt off” while being employed by the Thunder. “Lunchmeat,” the masked gentleman in the video who was previously a “stormchaser” for the Thunder, was fired for making this video.

The video doesn’t appear to be offensive at all, but if “lunchmeat” did sign a contract that said he couldn’t do this, he probably should have thought a little harder before imploring people to Thunder their butts off whilst identifying himself as a Thunder employee. (Seriously, between the pseudonym and the mask, would the Thunder really have recognized him if he didn’t explicitly say he was a Thunder employee, considering the video only has 2,537 views as of this writing?) Of course, we don’t know exactly what “lunchmeat” promised not to do when he signed his contract, so the Thunder may simply be in the wrong on this one. We’ll see if there’s any fallout from this.