Nicolas Batum dunks off his own head, basket waved off


Here is your chance to learn a little NBA rules trivia: This did not count due to offensive goaltending — and that’s the right call.

Portland’s Nicolas Batum dunked the ball on Sunday and while it went through the rim the ball did not go through the bottom of the net because it hit his head and bounced back out. He got whistled for offensive goaltending — which is the correct call according to the rulebook. It has to clear the bottom of the net.

I knew this because I have this problem all the time in pickup games at the Y…. okay, I learned it yesterday like the rest of you. And Batum for that matter, who said after the game he was unaware of the rule (in Europe it just has to clear the rim, he said it’s happened to him before).

Hat tip to for the video.