Grant Hill says he will push to be back this season with Suns


The questions here are: Why? And what happens when they are eliminated from the chase?

But for now, Suns swingman Grant Hill said he is pushing hard to get back to the team following knee surgery last week. He wants to help their long shot playoff push, reports the Arizona Republic.

Hill’s expectation to return for some of Suns’ remaining 14 games was clear Sunday, when he returned to US Airways Center for the first time since having the medial meniscus tear repaired. He was cleared to get off crutches Sunday night.

“I think I can,” Hill said. “Doc is pleased with the surgery and what he saw in there. I’ll be back this year.”

Hill is having a solid season for the Suns, and they could use his defense, but at age 39 things tend not to heal as quickly as they once did.

At 26-26 the Suns are 1.5 games out of the playoffs, but they’d have to hop Utah (the 9 seed) and catch the Rockets or Nuggets to make the postseason. Not impossible, but they will need to get on a real hot streak to make it happen. You can decide for yourself how much Hill rushing back helps that.