Video: Blake Griffin with two dunks for the price of one


Yes, Blake Griffin made a poster out of Channing Frye, but that’s not what I want you to take away from the first dunk on this video. Well, that is part of it, I guess. But also, watch how the pick-and-roll between Chris Paul and Griffin has matured — Griffin comes out and sets the high screen then does a delayed roll as he waits for Paul to suck both defenders over and create an angle. Frye rotates over and… well, it’s an illustrious club of people Griffin has dunked on. At least he keeps his arms out of the way and doesn’t pick up the foul.

But wait, there’s more. For the price of that first dunk we’re going to throw in a second Griffin dunk for free. That’s right, no extra charge. Where are you going to get a deal like that? Order now.

(As a side note, think Nick Young is having any fun as a Clipper? He is laughing like a maniac in this video.)