LeBron James will play Thursday, as if you expected otherwise


LeBron James had a dislocated finger on his left (non-shooting) hand, an elbow stinger, a sore neck and an assortment of other bumps and bruises that come with an NBA season.

All of which led to reports that LeBron might sit out a game or two, starting Thursday against the Mavericks. You remember them, beat the Heat in the finals last year? Not going down that way, James said he is playing. Via ESPN’s Heat Index.

“I’ve still got work to do,” James said after the Heat’s practice in preparation for Thursday’s home game against the Dallas Mavericks in a matchup of last season’s NBA Finals. “I’ll be ready. I hate using injuries as an excuse. If I’m in uniform, then I should be good to go. The only recovery for it, the doctors told me, was rest. And I think we all know I’m having none of that.”

How very Kobe of you.

James played 41 minutes against the Pacers and had 24 points, nine rebounds but also six turnovers in a pretty average performance. He’s had a few games like that in a row. Some rest might do him good.

But he will go as the Heat in a game that in no way will make up for what happened last June but could be cathartic for fans. Unless the Heat play like they did against the Pacers again.