The time Michael Beasley had to wear Kevin Love’s shoe


Sunday Michael Beasley was questionable in a game against the Nuggets due to a sprained big toe, but he went out and played anyway and scored 11 points in the game.

You’ve probably been wondering, “How did he do that?” Okay, no you didn’t. Neither did I. Nobody did.

But it turns out the story of story of how he got out on the court comfortably enough to play is pretty amusing. Here it is, from the Star Tribune (hat tip to SLAM).

Michael Beasley did in a 117-100 victory over Denver on Sunday, when he borrowed a pair of Love’s size-19 sneakers because his sprained big toe was too swollen to fit comfortably into his own.

“He’s got a fat foot,” Beasley said. “He’s like a triple E or something.”

Fat foot Love. Yea, I’m just going to let that one drop.

And as Beasley had a very Beasley-like 5-of-15 shooting line that night, Rick Adelman may suggest not making that switch in the future.