Spurs list Tim Duncan as “DND – OLD”


The Spurs are the funniest team in the league you don’t know is funny. From their HEB commercials to Popovich clowning Shaq with a Hack-A-Shaq two seconds into the game, they come off as a boring club, but really, they’re pretty entertaining.

On the official roster that each team submits before the game, the Spurs announced that Tim Duncan would not play as he did not dress. Typically there’s a reason. “Rest,” or “Personal Reasons,” etc. But it’s open-ended. So tonight, the Spurs listed the following, on the official box score.

Tim Duncan: DND-OLD

No, really. From NBA.com via Hardwood Paroxysm:



Duncan also picked up a technical in the game, a game he was not active for. So in a game in which his team listed him as “Did not dress – old,” he picked up a technical foul while in a blazer which Malik Rose mentioned was more dressed up than he was at his own wedding.

Someday Tim Duncan and these Spurs will be gone, and it will be sad.

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