Report: Austin Rivers leaving Duke to enter NBA draft


This is not really a surprise to anyone, it’s just going to lead to a lot of speculation about how he can land on the Celtics.

Austin Rivers, the freshman starting point guard at Duke and son of Celtics coach Doc Rivers, is going to sign with an agent and declare for the NBA draft, reports Even before he signed at Duke he was expected to be a one-and-done.

Rivers is considered a solid first round pick — DraftExpress has him at No. 17 right now. He played the point at Duke, which was good because he had been the man in high school and needed to learn how to set up teammates and work within a system. He struggled with that early in the season but improved.

He has a good shot and has a crossover that can create space for it. He can get in the lane. He is not however an elite athlete. At the NBA level he is either a score-first PG or more likely an undersized two. He comes in with some confidence and plays the game with a high IQ, like you’d expect from a coach’s son.

He’s not going to have a Kyrie Irving rookie season coming out of Duke, but the guy can put the ball in the hole and last time I checked that is the name of the game.