Antoine Walker has to sell championship ring due to bankruptcy


Antoine Walker’s financial troubles are gigantic. Like $12.7 million in debts forcing bankruptcy gigantic. Gambling addictions can do that to you.

And it led to this note — Walker was forced to sell the championship ring he won as a member of the 2006 Miami Heat, according to TMZ.

According to court docs, Walker had to liquidate his property to pay back his creditors … including his ring. Now TMZ has learned, the ring has been tentatively sold to a guy named Andres Garcia for a cool $21,500. A judge needs to sign off on the deal before any money changes hands … but we’re told it’s pretty much a done deal.

Can’t really feel too bad for a guy who earned more than $100 million in salary over the course of his career — he’s paying the man for his transgressions. Still, some things mean ore than others. That had to suck.