Kobe understands Fisher trade better than some Lakers fans


It’s a cold business with little room for sentimentality.

Derek Fisher was part of the problem for the Lakers at the point guard spot. If the Lakers were going to have any shot at a ring they needed an upgrade — Ramon Sessions is an upgrade. A big upgrade. Steve Blake is a solid backup.

So the Lakers moved Fisher — which sent some Lakers fans over the edge. Not all, but it did the oversized lunatic fringe of Lakers fans.

But Kobe Bryant gets it. He’s sad but not mad. Look at what he said, via the Orange County Register.

“I’ve been here a while and had some of my closest friends go starting with Caron (Butler), Ronny Turiaf, Lamar Odom and now Derek,” Bryant said a day after the Lakers traded Fisher. “I’ve been through it many times before….

“He knows how I am,” Bryant said. “We talked about the good times and you know what a fun time we had going into battle together. But that’s as sentimental as I’m going to get.”

Kobe loves Fisher. He’d love ring number six more. Sessions brings them closer to that — with him they may be the second best team in the West. To have Fisher on the bench (not playing much as the third PG) would have been an awkward political situation. Better to make a clean break and move him.

And no, Lakers fans, they cannot bring back Kobe’s friend. The Rockets are buying Fisher out but the CBA prevents the Lakers from re-signing him this season.

Kobe’s other friend Turiaf on the other hand