Gerald Green comeback takes another step, Nets sign him for remainder of season


The Nets signed Gerald Green for the remainder of the season Sunday. The man most known for his dunk contest performance in 2008 has actually played really well (and dunked amazingly) this year in 11 games for the Nets, averaging 19 points per 36 minutes on 52 percent shooting. The Nets can use as much help as they can get with the injuries they’ve suffered and, well, being terrible. Green’s minutes will probably be impacted by the acquisition of Gerald Wallace, however, brought in in a deadline deal for a  top-three protected pick. Of course, bringing in Wallace may assure that the Nets finish with a better-than-top-three record.

I for one am comforted with Green back in the league. He’s a fixture. He’s “that guy who blew out a candle in the dunk contest.” And he’s a guy who did his time in the D-League, two years, consistently devoted to making a team. It’s nice to see a guy put in the work and then make his way back. He may fade away completely with Wallace on roster, he may finish out the year and never be heard from again. But Gerald Green is representative of a very specific element in NBA culture and the league is better with him back. Plus, you know he does things like this: