Report: Sixers buy out contract of Andres Nocioni


The 76ers had moved past Andres Nocioni — he had touched the court just once in the last seven games, and that was for a four-minute stretch. He’s played 56 minutes all season.

So it shouldn’t come as a shock that the Sixers have bought out his contract Friday, as reported by Dei Lynam at

According to a source, the Sixers bought out the contract of Andres Nocioni Friday night.

One day earlier, they had acquired 6-foot-6 wing player Sam Young in a trade with Memphis that virtually made Nocioni a spectator from here on out, which had been his role for most of this season leading up to buyout.

Nocioni had some solid years playing for the Bulls but his last few seasons have seen his game and playing time drop off dramatically.

He can now sign with another team here or return to play in his native Argentina.