Derek Fisher isn’t convinced Phil Jackson will coach again


Phil Jackson is option No. 1 for the New York Knicks as coach next season. And option No. 2. And No. 3. He is the guy James Dolan wants according to every report and rumor.

But I’m not convinced Phil Jackson wants to do it — watching him in Los Angeles the last couple years he was clearly weary of the grind. He had both hips replaced, he has a knee surgery coming up, and with all the travel and sleeping in hotels, the rushed meals and sparring with the media — the lifestyle of being an NBA coach — he just seemed done with it.

Derek Fisher pretty much sums up what I think, speaking with the Los Angeles Times.

“Recognizing how competitive he is, and how much he still loves the game itself and from his great memories of New York, from that standpoint I wouldn’t be surprised,” Fisher said. “But I would be surprised from a quality-of-life standpoint. I’m just not sure if physically where he left off if he has, or wants to have, the energy that’s required to run an NBA team and the travel and everything that comes with it. I just don’t know if that’s where he is in his life overall right now.”

I don’t think it is.

He’ll flirt with the Knicks. He’ll be very tempted. But at the end of the day he just will not do it because he’s doesn’t want to lead the lifestyle anymore.