Hawks co-owner says team will not trade Josh Smith


When Josh Smith’s jumper is falling — as it was Tuesday night when he dropped 33 on the Nuggets with 13 boards — you are hard pressed to find a better four in the league. Well, maybe Al Horford on the same team, however the Hawks play him at the five. But that’s a different issue.

With players like Smith it’s hard to get anywhere near equal value back in a trade. Which is why the Hawks are not going to make a move right now, team co-owner Bruce Levenson said to the Associated Press.

“The likelihood of us trading Josh at the trade deadline is as close to zero as you can get,” Bruce Levenson told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

“There were a bunch of guys in the All-Star game that I wouldn’t trade for Josh, given what he brings not only to our team but to the community. He’s from Atlanta. He’s made terrific contributions to the community. It’s really hard, particularly in the middle of the season, to find that caliber player for Josh.”

It was Smith who has requested the trade… well, unless you ask Levenson, who said that he doesn’t know where that came from but it didn’t come from Smith. Of course, it’s never the player directly that makes these requests (otherwise massive fines would rain down on him). But that’s the Hawks story and they are sticking to it.

Don’t expect the Hawks to make a deadline move, but don’t be surprised if they do this summer.