With nobody offering enough, Blazers may keep Felton


Point guard Raymond Felton is not meshing with the slow-it-down, grind-it-out style of Nate McMillan’s Portland Trail Blazers. That’s why he was on the trade block.

But the Blazers aren’t just giving him away, either.

Unless the landscape changes or the offers get better in the next couple days, Felton may just stay a Blazer, reports Chris Haynes at CSNNW.com.

According to a source, the Portland Trail Blazers have gauged the interest of Raymond Felton to all 29 NBA teams and have found minimum interest.

What the Blazers reportedly wanted is a first round pick at least for Felton, ideally more. But because Felton is a free agent at the end of the season, teams are going to balk at the steep price for a rental.

Still, as the deadline gets closer a team desperate for point guard help (cough*Lakers*cough) might up their offer. Maybe.

Or Felton could just tough it out in Portland through the end of the season. Which seems the most likely outcome.