Report: Injured or not, Warriors may make run at Andrew Bogut


Andrew Bogut may not be available until the playoffs at best. The Golden State Warriors are not making the playoffs. (Sorry Warriors fans, I know it’s mathematically possible, but you need to accept it. You can’t keep the same mediocre roster and expect different results.)

Still, the Warriors are looking to make a run at Bogut seeing him as a long-term answer at the five spot, reports the Contra Costa Times. It just isn’t very likely to happen.

According to team sources, the Warriors are preparing to make a play for Milwaukee’s center. He’s high on their list, but one source didn’t sound too optimistic….

But even if the Warriors come up with a package the Bucks might like – for instance Andris Biedrins, Kwame Brown’s expiring, Dorell Wright and Ekpe Udoh — Golden State would have to take back on of two players they really don’t want. Stephen Jackson or Drew Gooden.

For one, the Warriors should not give up Udoh in that deal, he has potential. Also, the Warriors don’t need just to swap bad deals (although Stephen Jackson had his best seasons as a Warriors and was a crowd favorite). The final thing is, are they so desperate at the center spot as to consider a guy with Bogut’s injury history? Yes, those are all “fluke” injuries, but that’s a lot of flukes now. Just has to make you nervous.

But it shows you where the Warriors’ mindset is.