Jason Terry says “it’s time for a change” when it comes to the Mavs


Less than a day after a loss to the Suns on national television in which he was angry over being benched late, Jason Terry was outspoken again Friday night. This time he didn’t mince words about the state of the Mavericks after a loss to the Kings. I say again, the Kings.

(A game, I might add, in which league pass viewers were treated to the dulcet tones of one Mr. Bill Walton who was in rare form. It was an exquisite foray into the truest joyful understanding of the game of basketball.)

From ESPN Dallas:


Terry may be in his final season with the Mavericks. There’s every indication the team is moving forward towards another direction, and this could be Terry’s last chance at a title for the team he’s given his soul to. And right now, they’re utterly lost in the woods. Their chemistry is off, inside the locker room and out, their ball movement is suspect, they can’t contain on the perimeter, they struggle with controlling the glass and Dirk’s not hitting at his usual absurd percentage.

The Mavericks aren’t going to make a firesale because of a losing streak. If they didn’t write this year off they certainly placed asterisks next to their expectations. But Terry’s comments make it clear the situation has gone downhill. The Mavericks are in a dangerous place, and all that experience they’ve invested in has to step up and steady the ship before it capsizes.