Wizards might trade you McGee… if you take Blatche, too


UPDATE 7:38 PM: It’s not just McGee you can have if you take on Blatche, Michael Lee of the Washington Post tweets.

Source just told me wizards have informed teams they can have any player except John Wall if they are willing to take Andray Blatche

That is how bad the Wizards want Blatche out out of their locker room.

3:38 PM: There’s a lot of “we’ll give you the good if you take the bad with it” trade scenarios going around out there. You want Dwight Howard you have to take Hedo Turkoglu and his ugly contract as well. If you want Andrew Bogut you have to take Stephen Jackson on too.

Now we may have the ultimate, thanks to the fine folks with the Washington Wizards. Via Marc Stein at ESPN.

The Wiz have been shopping Andray Blatche for months with no luck in hopes of truly changing the team culture around prized youngsters John Wall and Jan Vesely. But sources say the Wiz are now weighing whether it’s time to finally surrender JaVale McGee — who for all his potential still routinely finds himself at the heart of Washington’s ongoing turbulence — on the condition that his new team take Blatche as well.

If the Wizards can find someone that would take on the two head cases and wasted potential that is McGee and Blatche in one deal they should win executive of the year going away. However it may take hypnosis or worse to get any other GM to say yes to a deal like that.