March Madness: The other reason the trade market is slow


While there is a lot of talk — from the likely rumors about Jamal Crawford being moved out of Portland to the ridiculous ones about Rajon Rondo being moved out of Boston — there is not a lot of action, and it feels like less buzz than normal just a week before the NBA trade deadline.

Dwight Howard and the bottleneck behind his trade out of Orlando — or not — is certainly a big part of that. Kelly Dwyer explains it all very well over at Ball Don’t Lie. A lot of teams are keeping their powder dry waiting to see how the Howard situation plays out (and how that changes the market) then they will make their moves.

But there is another factor — March Madness.

Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski was on NBC’s SportsTalk recently (on the NBC Sports Network every afternoon at 6 ET — you should be watching this) and explained it this way:

“Because of the lockout the calendar got pushed back,” Wojnarowski said. “Usually the trade deadline is in February. What is happening now is a lot of the front office executives, almost all of them, they are going to be out scouting March Madness and conference tournament games. And it is harder to put together deals when you are scouting three or four games a day, and you need to crunch numbers, and really be at your big (draft) board.

“And because of that a lot of executives believe we will not see trades until right up against the deadline on March 15.”

There usually is a nice rhythm to things — All-Star Game, trade deadline a week later then NCAA Conference tournaments a week after that. But like so many things, the NBA lockout (and the desire of owners and players to cram in 66 games) has blown that up.

I still think we will see a flurry of trades this year, but with Orlando waiting until the last minute and March Madness, expect things to hold off until next Tuesday and Wednesday. Those days are going to be crazy.