Video: Was Blake Griffin’s takedown of Luke Ridnour dirty?


Blake Griffin is a chippy player.

Which he needs to be — he’s a big man who is physical and other teams respond with physicality. If he didn’t push back and hold his ground (both physically and in terms of intimidation) he’d be swept aside. But there is a line there with being chippy and dirty and there are times Griffin rides right along it.

Like Monday night and the play above. Griffin was on a fast break with Chris Paul and was expecting another poster dunk but Luke Ridnour made the veteran play, got back and broke up the pass — then Griffin grabbed him and pulled him to the ground under him.

Griffin got a technical and deserved it — that was a frustration/intimidation foul that could have left Ridnour with a serious injury. This is not suspension worthy, but if the league threw a fine at Griffin I’d be good with that.

By the way, Minnesota won that game 95-94 — the made technical free throw on this play was the winning margin.

Griffin has to stand his ground, but as someone who has seen him frustrated on the court before I don’t want to see him lose it and cross that line. He needs to be careful. And Blake, just between us, you can’t complain about other teams getting to be physical with you then go off and knock down a little guard, you come off poorly. Or like Kevin Garnett.

Hat tip to Eye on Basketball for the video.