Wilson Chandler will be with the Nuggets or no one

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Quietly yesterday, the deadline passed for Wilson Chandler to play anywhere in the NBA except Denver.

Chandler signed to play in China during the lockout, but he left before his team’s first round playoff series (against Stephon Marbury’s team) to try and negotiate a multi-year deal with an NBA deal. His Chinese team got swept out of the playoffs and he should be clear to play in the NBA again.

He is a restricted free agent and he had until Thursday to sign an offer from another team, Tom Ziller reminds us at SBN. He didn’t. So Chandler’s options are:

• Work out a new contract with the Nuggets.

• Sign the Nuggets offer sheet, play the rest of this season and next season for them then become a free agent in July 2013.

• Sign another deal to play overseas for the rest of this season, then return as a restricted free agent again next season.

Other teams didn’t offer a contract to Chandler knowing the Nuggets would match. Chandler wants to be a free agent, but to do that in the fastest way he’ll have to take a haircut on his salary this season and next.