Suns owner’s comments suggest no Steve Nash trade coming

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I know it feels like beating a dead horse, but every day there seems to be more and more people talking about a Steve Nash trade — to the Knicks, to the Lakers (you really think the Suns would do that?), to just about anywhere.

And we keep telling you every sign out of Phoenix says a deal is not likely unless Steve Nash changes his tune and walks up to them and asks out. Which he has said he will not do.

“But they will lose him to free agency this summer and get nothing” you say. Maybe. But Suns owner Robert Saver told the Arizona Republic he likes the Suns chances of re-signing Nash this summer.

“I think those odds are probably pretty good,” Sarver said. “I think he likes the organization. His family lives here. He’s had tremendous success with the organization. He’s still playing well. Listen, he’s a free agent (after the season) and has the ability to look around. But I wouldn’t rule him out continuing here.

There you have it. The Suns think they have a real shot at keeping him. They are not going to move him without something radically changing the landscape in the next two weeks. Which makes Nash one interesting guy to watch this summer.