One guy likely to still be traded: Chris Kaman


Remember a few weeks back, the New Orleans Hornets took Chris Kaman off the floor so he wouldn’t get injured as they tried to trade him? Then, after a few days they abandoned that plan as the offers coming in for Kaman did not impress Hornets ownership? Meaning David Stern. We’re not sure what he was expecting.

In his last six games, Kaman has averaged17.8 points and 9 rebounds. That will drive up your trade value.

And he likely will still be traded before the deadline, reports beat writer Jimmy Smith of the Times-Picayune.

Kaman is a good NBA center, there will be a market for him. Maybe not one that involves what Stern thinks is equal value, but there is one. There are teams from coast to coast — Golden State to Boston — that could use a real center and might be interested in the right deal.

Just consider this a reminder that if there is one guy most likely to be moved before the deadline it is Kaman.