Jason Kidd with the Nets again? He wouldn’t rule it out.


Jason Kidd was the heart of the best teams the Nets have ever had, a team that went to back-to-back NBA finals.

Back then, talk of what next year will become real in the form of the Barclay Center in Brooklyn was just an on again, off again rumor that could never really gain traction. Kidd left, but you wouldn’t say under the best of circumstances.

This summer Kidd will be a free agent — at age 39 — and he would not rule out a return to the Nets, speaking with the Daily News.

“You can’t rule that out. You have to see what happens,” said Kidd, who like Deron Williams is slated to become a free agent this summer. “First I want to make sure I want to continue playing. But we’ll see what happens here in Dallas. I wouldn’t mind staying here in Dallas if that opportunity presents itself.

“But if Brooklyn presents itself, we’ll see.”

At this point, Kidd would be a backup on any really good team — say behind Williams — but he’s only going to go where he could win another ring. Whether that is Brooklyn or Dallas (or somewhere else) comes back to what happens with Howard and Williams. Like seemingly so many things.