Report: Wilson Chandler stuck in neutral without FIBA clearance from China


Yahoo sports’ Adrian Worjnarowski (perhaps you’ve heard of him) reports that restricted free agent Wilson Chandler, who agreed to a release from his Chinese Basketball Association team last week and has met with the Nuggets and Raptors to find a new team, is currently, well, stuck. While his team agreed to his release, clearing his way back t the NBA, the CBA itself has not granted a letter of clearance to FIBA, and without that, the NBA won’t allow Chandler to sign an NBA contract.

The CBA is essentially holding him hostage to prove a point.

If the CBA is in fact denying Chandler such a letter, it would only be to show the world that players cannot sign there as a matter of convenience only to leave later. The league famously instituted a rule this season stating NBA players, and only NBA players, could have an opt-out in their agreement in the event the lockout was resolved. It’s like your former roommate holding your stuff because you want to break the lease, except sillier.

Chadler’s still hopeful of a resolution in the next two weeks.

The Nuggets could use Chandler as quickly as possible, considering their injuries they’ve sustained. The Raptors have little chance of nabbing him. There’s a perceived limitation of options for Chandler, since he’s a restricted free agent. There’s a standoff with the Nuggets over number of years and money, so that could be complicated, but most expect it to get done. If, you know, China relents and his team doesn’t finish the entirety of the playoffs.