LeBron James might try the dunk contest … if the winner received a million dollars


LeBron James in unquestionably one of the most violent dunkers in the game today, and could easily compete with anyone in the league in a slam dunk contest if that’s something he wanted to do. But up until this point, despite empty promises and a tease from time to time, he hasn’t decided to commit.

At All-Star media availability in Orlando on Friday, I was able to ask James why he hasn’t chosen to participate. And as much as fans may not like the answer, with LeBron now in his ninth season, it’s not an answer he’s likely to change at any point in the future … unless, of course, first prize was $1 million.

“It’s just not me, I’m not a dunk contest type of guy,” James said. “I’m an in-game dunker. I kind of improvise during the game. But, I don’t know. I’m not for scoreboards and all that type of stuff.”

But if they offered the winner a million dollars?

“Then I’d reconsider,” he said. “Wouldn’t you?”