Video: A Tribute to JaVale McGee


JaVale McGee is a 24-year old center for the Washington Wizards. McGee is 7 feet tall, has a 7-6 reach, can run the court like a deer, and jump out of the gym. McGee is currently 2nd in the league in the league in blocked shots, and is capable of dunking from just about anywhere on the court. Unfortunately, JaVale’s basketball IQ is officially listed as “pineapples.”

Deadspin’s Connor Hastings has tracked down a tribute video to McGee, which includes clips of McGee’s most amazing on-court moments, which include insane blocks, wacky goaltends, a horribly failed free-throw dunk attempt when his team was getting blown out, a successful self alley-oop when his team was trailing in a close game, running back on defense when his team still had the ball, and other moments of sheer basketball insanity, both good and bad. Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing McGee at this year’s dunk contest, but at least we have this video. Happy All-Star Friday, everyone.