Rose denies asking for Gasol trade. And his back is fine, too.


We fans can’t stop our desire to tinker. Some general managers have that problem, too, but fans are worse. Take Bulls fans for example — they have a contending team, one of the two teams in the East that are head and shoulders above everyone else. This is a team with a real shot at winning it all this year as constructed.

So all we seem to hear about is trade rumors.

Like the report Derrick Rose asked Bulls management to get Pau Gasol, and Carlos Boozer was the bait. (As if the Lakers would do that.)

Derrick Rose denied it all to

“I heard it after the game [on Monday] and that’s something that I wouldn’t say to anyone,” said Rose. “It was all false and that’s something I’ll never do. I’m good with the teammates that I have. I’ve always been saying that. We’ve been winning games and we’re not in the position to look to trade anyone right now.

“I talked to [Boozer] a little bit, but I think he already knew that [the rumor] was false,” continued Rose. “It’s something that I wouldn’t do to anyone. It was all false.”

Now, something that could actually stand between the Bulls and a title run — Derrick Rose’s back. He missed five games with back spasms and he is continuing to do the rehab program he used to get back on the court.

“I’m not worried about it anymore,” said Rose. “I don’t feel any pain anymore.”

That should be better news for Bulls fans than any trade rumors.