Chris Paul confirms he will stay with Clippers next season


When Chris Paul was traded to the Clippers, it was with the understanding that he would give them a couple years — this season, and he would opt-in for next season. Opt in for a cool $17.8 million.

But there was a concern he would opt-out after this season, either to go play with someone else or because Clippers owner Donald Sterling screwed it up.

Clippers fans can exhale. On the Jim Rome radio show this week, Paul confirmed that “the decision was made” (via Eye on Basketball).

Which was true from the start — that option was voided when he was traded. He will stay with the Clippers.

He likely will stay beyond that. This is a team that is the most legitimate threat to the Oklahoma City Thunder over the next five years. With Paul and Blake Griffin they have the transcendent players, around them they have quality role players like DeAndre Jordan, Mo Williams, Kenyon Martin and more.

They could use another piece or two, but Paul is not going to find a better landing space than the Clippers — big market (meaning big marketing opportunities off the court), winning team with potential, and fans who idolize him. Not only will he opt in, I’d be shocked if he didn’t sign an extension (or opt-out then re-sign with the Clippers, for financial reasons) after next season.