Nets pulling out all the fireworks to impress Dwight Howard


Dwight Howard heads to New Jersey Wednesday night to play the Nets in the building that team will not play in next season. The Nets are going to Brooklyn, and they want Howard to join them there.

So they are pulling out all the fireworks. Literally.

Here is the tweet from Andy Vasquez, the Nets beat writer for the Bergen Record (he has photo evidence).

Nets appear to be setting up a special pregame pyrotechnic show, with Dwight Howard in town. What a coincidence.

Yes, a fancy intro should do it. It will end the entire debate.

Okay, maybe not. It goes like this: First, will Orlando’s front office decide they have to move him at the deadline, or will they take the risk and keep him through the season. If the Magic keep Howard, he will opt out of the last year of his contract, at which point the question becomes does he think he stands a better chance of winning a ring in the future in Dallas, Brooklyn or Orlando. (And pretty much not Orlando, or he would have stayed already.) The Nets have Deron Williams, but does he trust that management to put a team of good role players around them? You know Dallas will spend, but Dirk Nowitzki is not young, do you think they can transition after he leaves?

Howard will get asked all those questions at All-Star Weekend, and he will dodge them all.