Rajon Rondo ejected for throwing ball at referee


You can bet that a suspension is coming for that one.

Rajon Rondo was frustrated in the third quarter Sunday because he had driven the lane and taken as shot, Detroit’s Greg Monroe pretty much jumped on his back (knocking Rondo to the floor) and no call was made. He has the right to be frustrated.

But you can’t fire the ball at the official out of anger (in the video above, you have to get to the 3:00 mark before they show the angle that really explains what happened). Rondo did. As they walked up court Rondo yelled at the referee about the no call then underhand fires the ball at the ref. That almost certainly will mean a game off for Rondo. Without pay.

This was Rondo’s first ever ejection and he’s not as big a complainer as some, so maybe the league is lenient on him, the Celtics are taking a wait-and-see attitude.

Boston hosts Dallas Monday, that would be a tough game not to have Rondo for. Watch PBT for updates.