Report: Miami would like to add Hornets’ Chris Kaman


It’s maybe the one puzzle piece missing from the Miami Heat roster — a classic, true center who can body up guys like Dwight Howard in the playoffs and provide some defense and rebounding in the paint.

A guy like Chris Kaman with the Hornets. Who happens to be available via trade.

Which brings us to this report from Chris Tomasson at Fox Sports Florida.

Heat officials, including president Pat Riley, have been calling people who know Kaman to ask about him, a source told on Wednesday.

The thinking is the Heat’s best effort to get a center would be to sign Kaman — if his contract is bought out by New Orleans after the March 15 trade deadline.

Can you imagine what Mark Cuban would say if the league-owned Hornets bought out Kaman’s $14 million deal and he signed with the Heat? He might actually explode like in the movie Scanners.

The Hornets would like to trade Kaman and his expiring $14 million contract before that to bring back some draft picks and young players. The Heat don’t really have any of those to spare for a trade.

Nobody else is really willing to give up young players for Kaman — the Hornets pulled him from games and actively shopped him around, but brought him back when they found no suitable offers. Maybe the offers will get better near the deadline, or the Hornets impossibly high expectations for the deal (thank you David Stern) will be lowered. If not, we know who is lurking.