Ben Wallace says he’ll retire after season, this time he means it


Ben Wallace has mulled retirement from professional sports almost as often as Brett Favre. Not nearly as annoying or publicly, but annually.

But no more. He’s done and he means it this time.

That’s what he tells the Detroit News.

“No consideration coming back,” Wallace said after practice. “This is definitely my last year.”

Wallace has had a 16-year NBA career and has played more games than any undrafted player in NBA history. He been a four-time Defensive Player of the Year, four-time All-Star and won a ring in 2004 as the anchor of that great Pistons defense. It’s been a very good career.

He’s said he’s been done before, but gut feeling is he means it this time. Even though he is playing solidly as a backup to Greg Monroe in Detroit, at age 38 he is just done with the grind.

But until he’s not on a roster next season, we’ll hold off with the gold watch and cake.