Should NBA All-Star game have home court in balance like MLB? No.


Kevin Love is flat out wrong.

Let me be clear, I like the guy. I like his game, I like him (in our limited interactions), but this is like suggesting the second season of Friday Night Lights was the best one. It is objectively wrong.

Here is what Jon Krawczynski of the Associated Press tweeted.

source: AP

Bad Idea Jeans.

This is a horrific idea in baseball, to try to put meaning into an exhibition. Here’s an idea — let an exhibition be an exhibition. It’s a showcase. Entertainment. Shaq dancing with the Jabberwockies. It is not serious basketball. That’s okay, we have the playoffs for that. Let this be what it is.

If you play all season to have the best record in the NBA — if (every season but this lockout-shortened one) you play every team in the other conference — then the team with the best record should get home court. The All-Star idea is terrible. Or, if you are Charles Barkley, “turrable.” Either way.