Warriors coach Jackson says “no excuses,” then blames refs


We want to congratulate Mark Jackson on what soon will be his first fine as an NBA head coach. It’s coming.

Jackson was frustrated after the Thunder executed better down the stretch and in a contradictory statement laid part of the problem at the feet of the referees, as reported by the San Francisco Chronicle (via Ball Don’t Lie).

“We’re a no-excuse basketball team,” Jackson said. “Like we say, ‘One play doesn’t lose it.’ But on that play at the end, David Lee gets hammered by James Harden, clearly. We don’t get that call. David Lee picks up his fifth foul when he doesn’t even put contact on Russell Westbrook, who blatantly fouls Monta Ellis.

“These are calls that you cannot get back, but they hurt us. I don’t accept ‘My bad’ from my players all night long, and it’s getting old accepting ‘My bad’ (from the officials) on missed calls.”

For the record coach, you lost this game because you didn’t play good defense all night then got out-executed down the stretch — the six turnovers and the under 40 percent shooting in the fourth were bigger issues than the refs.