Kobe says wrist injury now healed, “I got through it”


I’m not a doctor, but call me skeptical.

Nonetheless, Kobe Bryant is playing without support tape or pregame injections to deal with the pain from the ligament injury in his wrist. Which has him telling Kevin Ding of the Orange County Register that his wrist is healed.

“I got through it,” Bryant said.

When I asked him if he would use the term “healed,” Bryant said: “Yes….

“I experimented with no injection in Utah, and the next game felt completely fine,” Bryant said. “So, no tape, no injection. I’m good.”

The injury was supposed to heal over time, although it’s hard to imagine it really, fully healed through all the use and abuse of an NBA season. Even with all the treatment he got.

Not having the tape means he should have a full range of motion back, helping his shot. That hasn’t been a huge problem, save from three — Kobe is shooting 44.4 percent this season, not far off his career 45.4 percent average. From three he is shooting 29.9 percent, off his 33.8 percent career average, and maybe no tape and injection helps that.

It really doesn’t address the bigger Lakers’ issue of the volume of Kobe’s shots more minutes, however.