Nuggets say Gallinari suffers “significant” ankle sprain


It’s not good. It’s not as bad as was reported last night, so that’s a relief. But it’s not good.

The Nuggets are reporting Danilo Gallinari’s injury as a “significant” ankle sprain, but not the chip fracture that was reported last night. Here are the tweets of interest from Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated.

Nuggets say Danilo Gallinari’s “chip fracture (in his left foot) was from a prior injury probably before professional career began.”

Gallinari, who turned the ankle Mon. night, will remain in a walking boot for 3 to 5 days. Treatment will be for a significant ankle sprain.

Gallinari not only brings 17 points per game (and a stretch four that is hard to guard) to the Nuggets offense, he is key to their system that keeps the ball moving. And he’s been good on defense. They are going to miss him.

But not for as long. A chip fracture means bone fragments are pulled off as part of the sprain and that recovery takes months. This sprain may take a few weeks, but that is better than the alternative.